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CreativeTense LLC. founded in 2014 as a innovative approach to help small businesses, startups, and non profits succeed by providing MEDIA SUPPORT ranging from:




BUSINESS NARRATIVES (because the story you tell is as important as the service or products you provide)

 HANDWRITING SERVICES (Cards,thank you notes,letters & envelopes).











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It makes Great Cents to give a Dime

Leaving Grounded is the brain trust of CreativeTense LLC., a small business in South Carolina that provides supportive services for other businesses and organizations.  Leaving Grounded serves as a pilot program proposal for conserving, collecting, composting and re purposing coffee grounds and tea leaves from Upstate Coffee Shops, Tea Rooms, Restaurants and Businesses.

                As a commodity, coffee is second only to oil, however, unlike oil, coffee can be a continual commodity from seed to ground and back to seed in some instances.  There are millions of tons of coffee grounds and tea leaves disposed of each year in the United States, most of which end up in landfills. 

                Grounds and leaves are beneficial for a variety of things and can be re purposed into numerous products ranging from soil enhancers to bio fuels. 

                As with any business, there are a few challenges that must be worked out:  environmental impact regarding collections and containment being the largest.  Leaving Grounded seeks to further reduce carbon footprints through innovation, sustainability and responsibility and has created On Our Dime campaign to encourage every business and resident in the ten counties that comprise the Upstate to contribute a dime to strengthen the sustainability of a region. 

                Why give a dime? One might ask.  The answer is simple:  It is an innovative way to begin new opportunities of infrastructure improvements and creative ideas that benefit communities. 

After the launch of the program, CreativeTense intends to continue the campaign by handing it over to a nonprofit that best serves the interests of the entire Upstate which will only enhance the voices and visions of those who may not otherwise gain financial support to see their ideas to fruition. 

                Ideally, Leaving Grounded will spark the interest of Agriculture, Agribusiness, Manufacturing and Higher Education like CU/GTC Center for Manufacturing Innovation along with both of these schools’ Agricultural programs to further research and development. 

Thank you for your time and consideration.             

We look forward to receiving your dime and representing it wisely.